Carry On Stinking! CD by Anabollic Steroids

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40th Anniversary release recorded live at Addlestead Studios, produced and mastered at Sowilo Media

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"It’s been 40 years since the dawn of what this bunch from Bromley call ‘Stink!’ and to celebrate this, ahem, punk rock landmark they are releasing a CD and doing a gig.

The first outing for 6 of these ditties was on the ultra-rare ‘Stink Demo’ recorded in 1981 while Britain burned and punk reignited with a new found urgency during the early Thatcher years. Although rudimentary, the songs combined standard punk fare with a post punk influence and a mix of cutting, cunning and witty lyrics; qualities that appeared absent from both the Crass and Exploited camps at the time.

The Steroids split in 1983 and reunited 30 years later. Recorded in true Stink style (that’s live in 8 hours and 100% DIY) this CD puts 80% of their back catalogue and a couple of new songs nicely in one easy-to-get-to place. Eleven slabs of delicious Stink Rock - second generation Punk with a nod to the Subs, Ruts, Ants and Rejects. Most of the songs are subjective observations of daily life from the outside looking in, though, like the sleeve, and as in life, humour plays a significant role.

You’re never quite sure if the Steroids have their tongues in their cheeks or stuck firmly out; one thing’s for sure... these loveable rogues haven’t had them cut off yet. Carry on stinking..."


Released January 27, 2018


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