New Zealand Football Soccer Rugby Cricket Style T-shirt - Small to 5XL

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New Zealand t-shirt featuring a classic logo. Shirt is a 100% cotton Fruit Of The Loom garment.

T-shirt is a 100% cotton Fruit Of The Loom garment, screen printed in white.

T-shirts available in the following sizes-
SMALL - To Fit a 36 Inch Chest
MEDIUM - To Fit a 38 Inch Chest
LARGE - To Fit A 40 Inch Chest
XL - To Fit A 44 Inch Chest
XXL - To Fit A 48 Inch Chest
3XL - To Fit A 50.52 Inch Chest
4XL - To Fit A 54/56 Inch Chest
5XL - To Fit A 58/60 Inch Chest